Barbara Pats, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Pats is a warm, understanding psychologist, with over 20 years of psychotherapy experience, working well with adults, adolescents, children, families and couples.  She earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University, and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, giving her a broad exposure to a wide range of problems and issues.
Dr. Pats believes the client and therapist need to work together as a team, to achieve identified goals to allow the client to work through his or her problems, whether they be depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or coping with a life transition or crisis.  Dr. Pats also works with people struggling with eating disorders, parenting issues, divorce, and womens issues.  In her work, Dr. Pats is flexible, active and good-humored in helping clients understand their thoughts and feelings and explore different ways to address and resolve their difficulties. Dr. Pats can be reached at